Welcome to the Dwarf Effect Wiki!

Here you will find information regarding the independently developed 4x Sci-Fi Strategy game, Dwarf Effect. Dwarf Effect is a deep turn-based 4x strategy game created in .NET. Players will create en empire and explore the galaxy. It was inspired by independent games such as Dwarf Fortress and Aurora, and mainstream science fiction games, TV, and movies. There will be plenty of depth, but also plenty of humor to be found. Dwarf Effect puts complexity and fun ahead of flashy graphics. It is a game for people who love to crunch numbers and love a challenge.

Latest News

February 22, 2010

Dwarf Effect is currently in the concept stage of development. Design decisions are being made and documents are being created to guide future development. Work has also begun on developing the database structure for the game's actual data.


While this wiki will eventually have articles more useful to the player, we are also documenting the game concepts and mechanics as we develop and iterate on them. Below you will find links to these articles.

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